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I want to see it,
That smile you saved just for me.
I want to trace it,
The curve of your lips,
The closeness of taste.
I want to memorize it,
Each and every freckle, crease.
I want to keep it,
Tucked away safe,
Forever just for me.
:iconearthfaerie:earthfaerie 2 1
The inner workings
Scratch pieces of paper
And random, ribald thoughts.
Sunrise curls falling down
Beyond the emerald abyss
And the moon smile face.
A heart so heavy with love,
It knows not its place.
Hands that wish to touch and feel,
Arms that dream to wrap and pull.
Oh, Embrace!
You know not what you do to me!
:iconearthfaerie:earthfaerie 1 5
My words are so unfocused,
I just can't get them out.
Always afraid of saying too much...
I know you don't feel the same.
I have loved you for as long as I can remember,
My heart can't seem to forget.
I'm thankful for every day I've known you,
And that for you, I could be a friend.
The dolphins have always swam for you...
Just for you.
Just as the fire of my soul
Has and will always burn for you.
I was never able to let it all go,
But for you,  I could hide it away.
To be your friend..
Which means more than anything.
I wish I had the courage
To say it all aloud.
But fear of your removal
Keeps it all in.....
I'd rather have you around.
:iconearthfaerie:earthfaerie 1 5
Surviving Dreams
Each night I lay this head upon cold sheets,
Tears fall.
I lay there, my mind racing with thoughts,
Of you.
Time has no place here, and races by,
Leaving me alone.
Within my slumber I am free,
With you.
Days turn into night turning into days,
The light shines for you,
Holding my hand.
Every wish fulfilled,
Smiles real.
I can gaze into the most beautiful blue eyes,
And kiss you.
I can feel the warmth of your arms,
An embrace i've waited for so long.
I can trace your lips,
And feel your heart beating ever so fast.
Every single night I go through this,
And awake in tears just as I began.
Each day gets harder to live,
Each smile harder to fake.
Do you realize how far down i've drowned?
How hard life is to hold?
Every moment of peace comes within dreams,
Even they are hard to bare when the morning comes.
I hang on to each word you say,
Feeling better about life.
Then you're gone, again--
Falling through my fingertips.
To reverse time...
To go back to that day, they day of Hypnoti
:iconearthfaerie:earthfaerie 0 17
Dee and Dani by earthfaerie Dee and Dani :iconearthfaerie:earthfaerie 4 21 New Life by earthfaerie New Life :iconearthfaerie:earthfaerie 4 8
I can only see your tears,
I am not blessed to be able to wipe them away.
I can not feel your arms shake,
Only see the aftermath.
Your voice cannot make me tremble,
Only the words in which you write.
I can feel the pain you pass on,
But cannot comfort the pain you feel.
I cannot hold your hand in the darkness,
I can only say i'm there in spirit.
:iconearthfaerie:earthfaerie 3 9
Love is enough
My soul is here naked,
Bare for the world to see.
And you...
You bring me to my knees.
Reaching out for you,
And you turn away.
But love
Love is enough.
Because after the wind,
After the rain,
After the darkness,
Love is what remains.
The pain in my heart is you,
It's a void waiting to be filled.
Filled by you...
Cause you bring me to my knees--
And I remind myself
Love is enough.
No tower...
No words...
No nothing...
Can take that away
And nothing or no one can replace.
You are the sunrise
To the world's sunset.
And you are the daylight
To our life of darkness.
Still, you bring me to my knees.
But love,
Love is enough for us.
--But I still want you in my arms.....
:iconearthfaerie:earthfaerie 0 9
Fallen Cold
Expressionless in a world of emotion and torture....
Where am I going?
I've lost my sense of self,
My sense of love.
I try to find my way back to you-
In the arms of the one I love,
Surrounded by memories of life and happiness.
How did I fall so cold?
:iconearthfaerie:earthfaerie 4 5
Just me... by earthfaerie Just me... :iconearthfaerie:earthfaerie 2 16
Thinking of.......
Memories seem to fade,
And for a short time happiness succeeds.
But in just one instant, one second,
It all comes rushing back.
We used to share so much emotion,
We used to share so much love.
Where did it all disapear to,
Where did you go?
We fought so hard to stay afloat,
And now it seems we just let go.
I still can't say goodbye,
I still can't move on.
And you? Where did you go?
Are you still floating somewhere above the clouds?
Left paddling throught he shores?
Or living a life of emptiness?
Words no longer express the sorrow,
The guilt, anger, love, frustration.
My soul is so full of emotion and yet blank.
You, just you is all that holds me together.
But where are you?
:iconearthfaerie:earthfaerie 0 3
Encased within the black outs of one's fragile mind,
Thinking thoughts of you and hearts on rewind.
Moving forward not so much,
Only retracing what once was and should be.
Bitter sweet tasteful treats,
And yet not a single touch.
Counter act with single thought,
Liquid pools of sorrow.
Blue coloured stones,
Adored by emerald crystals.
Forgotten in a timeless solitude,
But remembered by love.
:iconearthfaerie:earthfaerie 1 7
Is It Okay?
Is it okay if I love you?
Because it seem so wrong.
Life holds no meaning,
No definition at all.
Each new day comes with sadness,
And i'm out of ways to forget.
I keep trying to find you in the darkness,
Just to steal a moment... of something.
I know you still think of me,
Even if not the same.
And our hearts have continued to beat
To a rhythm all their own.
But I still don't know,
If it's okay to love you.
:iconearthfaerie:earthfaerie 0 8
Dead either way... by earthfaerie Dead either way... :iconearthfaerie:earthfaerie 1 14 Dee and Kitty 2 by earthfaerie Dee and Kitty 2 :iconearthfaerie:earthfaerie 0 9 Dee and Kitty by earthfaerie Dee and Kitty :iconearthfaerie:earthfaerie 1 15


Break Me
Your eyes [depthless as the sea] speak to me as
your lips [sweetness in themselves] do not. Do you
realize yet or are you simply waiting [or are you hoping
{as i am} that it'll change?] My heart falters in fear
[and hope]. Am i mistaken? Perhaps i have misperceived
the coolness of your [once loving] gaze. Bated [with
an aching soul] i wait [eternally], though futile
i know it is . . .
You don't Love [want, need. . .] me anymore and all
there is for me [bruised and bleeding] to do is wait
[hopelessly hoping] for your sugared lips to speak
the words. . . [that will break me.]
:iconsylvanashala:Sylvanashala 1 12
Dead 'Til I'm Dying
I have removed my heart
And i have removed my soul.
       So that i could stay
       And hurt no more.
When they ask me why
This will be my reply
       'Cause i'm dead 'til i'm dying
             Dead 'til i'm dying
                  Dead 'til i'm dying
Now you know why.
Now you know why.
       I"m so cold.
Your fire kept me warm
But i got too close.
       The pain is too great
       Burning my core.
When they ask me why
This i'll say
       'Cause i'm dead 'til i'm dying
:iconsylvanashala:Sylvanashala 0 3
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  • Listening to: Classic Rock
  • Reading: not any time to read right now
  • Watching: nothing, I'm dvr'ing everything till later
  • Playing: whatever takes my mind away, far away
  • Eating: Natta
  • Drinking: wine
My  mother died this morning at 8:53.  She was 47 years old, eat up with cancer.  She died peacefully.  I was at work.  I was there 20 minutes after her death, She was still warm to the touch and soft.  Her funeral with be sunday.  My favourite number is 16, today is the 16th.  My siblings and I--all four of us have not been in the same room as each other in over 13 years, Today we were all together.

Today is a sad day, but it was one of the most beautiful days.


Artist | Hobbyist
United States
Current Residence: S. Carolina
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite photographer: I have many, Martin is the main one though
Favourite style of art: dark
Shell of choice: I lost my shell, it lives in another country
Wallpaper of choice: A beautiful baby seal
Skin of choice: warm
Favourite cartoon character: stitch
Personal Quote: Like a whilting flower, I too will die. But know that in this life, I will be your rose.


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